The country with no government

It would be awful, wouldn\’t it? No new laws, no solving of the grave national problems that afflict the citizenry.

They can also enjoy waffles, another Belgian staple, and one which is aptly suited to the current national condition. Thanks to epic political waffling, Belgium on Monday will have been without a government for a year.

A caretaker government has been running Belgium since elections on 13 June 2010, but despite countless negotiations among the fragmented political parties, the country\’s leaders are not even close to an agreement on a new coalition.

Actually, the citizenry, the economy, life in general, is pottering along quite nicely.

So let\’s just hang all the politicians then, eh?

7 thoughts on “The country with no government”

  1. Oh good grief, you don’t know the half of it.
    I stood on Avenue Léon Blum in Armentèires last week & looked across the traffic lights to Eeuwfeeststraat & it was just hell over there. The pinched faces of the starving children, the discarded low denomination €uro notes blowing in the wind & collecting in the gutters, the poor Belges searching through their frites for an overlooked morsel of biftek……..
    It’s a failed state I tell you.
    We should bomb it.

  2. I think you’ll find that the Government of Belgium is practically up to strength, and working as normal. After all it only lacks elected figureheads.

  3. Really,all you need is private buisnesses for those public services a basic police system with verry limited powers.and then you are trully free

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