These people are insane

London 2012 organisers have been left with red faces over their green promises, coming under fire from the watchdog that monitors their sustainability claims after admitting defeat in a bid to make their Olympic flame the first low carbon version.

Unveiling the design of the Olympic torch to be carried by 8,000 runners, London 2012 chairman, Lord Coe, admitted that the sponsor EDF had failed to come up with a workable low-carbon solution for the flame that will travel the country from May and light the Olympic cauldron on July 27.

\”In simple terms, we didn\’t quite get there,\” he said. \”It\’s not work that is wasted, it will be transferable for future thinking about Rio and Sochi. We just ran of time and we tried very hard to do it.\” Instead, the torch will use a \”tried and tested formula\” of butane and propane.

In November 2007, amid a welter of other legacy promises attached to the Games, EDF promised to develop the first low-carbon torch as a symbol of its commitment to green energy. A spokesman for the French energy company vowed at the time: \”It\’s early days but it will happen.\”


Those who do worry about climate change are worrying that climate chaneg is going to make the planet near uninhabitable for both ourselves and myriads of other species.

And they spend years worrying about the emissions for a few weeks from what is essentially an overgrown cigarette lighter?

Emissions that are almost certainly less than those from just one flight bringing the IOC panjandrums into London for their sports days?

These people truly are insane.


14 thoughts on “These people are insane”

  1. Have these people nothing better to do?

    Seen from a distance (fortunately) it just comes across as pathetic.

    Got a good idea though. Instead of switching it on, why don’t we tape some thin red and yellow plastic tape to simulate flames? As they run along, the tapes will flutter….

    Damn, they’ve got me wasting time too

  2. They could add the flame in digitally afterwards.

    Or, just say that it is a very special kind of flame which can only be seen by intelligent people.

  3. I find it highly amusing that EDF are the company involved in this: they are primarily an electrical company. Perhaps GDF should have been given a go?

  4. Andrew Zalotocky

    It is all about the symbolism. The Olympic flame is a symbol of human pride and achievement, so naturally the eco-fascists want to turn it into a symbol of human guilt.

  5. The real symbolism is that EDF couldn’t sort out the technical problem of a low carbon overgrown bic lighter within 4 years.

  6. > These people truly are insane

    Err yes, but which people exactly? I see that some of your commentators have made the assumption that you wanted them to make: its all the eco-fascists, guv.

    But what we’re actually seeing is perfectly standard capitalist corporate propaganda, which only incidentally happens to be about a “green” issue.

  7. Not necessarily insane.

    The alternative is that they know perfectly well that the scare story they are promoting is fake and simply a PR fraud, in which case using the Olympic torch for PR makes perfect sense.

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    For crying out loud. How hard would it be to mix some gunpowder with some other combustible material like wood fibres to slow its combustion down a little to produce a slow burning fuse?

    Gunpowder is entirely sustainable as charcoal can come from renewable tree plantations, sulphur is a natural material found around volcanoes, and saltpeter is found in urine.

    Bit of a problem if it gets rained on of course.

    However I agree with the general point that these people are insane.

  9. The real symbolism is that EDF couldn’t sort out the technical problem of a low carbon overgrown bic lighter within 4 years.

    Couldn’t? Or couldn’t be arsed?

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