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You know the odl one. The US is a great place to be rich but a shitty place for the poor.

Well, mebbe, but the bottom 5% of the US lives better than the top 5% of India.

And yes, Mr. Redacto, it is \”ventile\”.

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  1. So, it’s better to live in a double-wide in Buttfuck, West Virginia than a decent house (with servants) in Delhi?

  2. I’ve been in West Virginia and I’ve seen pictures of Delhi. I have also talked to Indians and other people who have spent time there. I would take West Virginia in a heartbeat, even in a single trailer.

  3. I imagine the data is from 2008, possibly 2009, so it might not be true now given relatively growth rates.

  4. MikeinAppalachia

    I’m not familiar with the location in WVa that Chappell references. If merely a sterotype, he might be interested that such practice is not very popular in WV. Regardless, having spent extended periods of time in both WVa and Delhi, as well as much of the remainer of India, I’d go with WV. Especially since nothing close to 5% of India lives in a “decent house with servants” in Delhi. Besides, “doublewides” have come a long way lately. Think much of India would turn one down?

  5. “the bottom 5% of the US lives better than the top 5%”, hmmm, I can’t see the bottom 5% of anywhere comparing well with the top 5% of anywhere.

    It is difficult to suppose that the bank managers, small holders, stallholder, shopkeepers etc of india have it worse that the idiots, subnormals, junkies, prostitutes, seriously ill, destitute, forlorn, forsaken, misbegotten, confused, lost, depressed, insane, incapable and other unfortunates that make up the bottom 5% of anywhere.

  6. And yes, Mr. Redacto, it is “ventile”.

    Am now on campus and can see the online OED, which is sadly behind a paywall. It really is “vigintile”. Because we talk about vigintillions, see.

    Ventile comes from the same root as ventilate, which is to say, “to air”.

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