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Timmy elsewhere

I am now mostly over here.

It\’s All Trivial or Obvious Except.

Swearing n\’stuff will obviously stay here, but trying out this new Forbes thing to see how it goes.

There\’s an RSS feed there n\’all.

Murphy bashing here (for he is also a Forbes blogger).

But, really, really really, folks, the majority, at least while I try it all out, is going to be over there.

And could someone please go through the register to comments process and make a comment? So that I can check that it works?


19 thoughts on “Timmy elsewhere”

  1. Don’t give up posting over here though, please.
    Your link to the Forbes post works fine but trying to find your posts from the Forbes front page defeats me.
    On the up side, if Murphy’s posting over there it’s equally unfindable.

  2. Register to comment?

    Sorry, that’s another sodding username-password combination to remember.

  3. I registered, logged in and then went to a page called the Forbes Global Dashboard or something, which I suspect isn’t where I was supposed to be.

    I was going to say – for the love of God, get a new photo. That one looks like an estate agents mugshot after being arrested for, er, something.

    Try one with no tie, looking either relaxed or doing a ghastly “thinker” pose, possibly with some Portuguese sights in the background

  4. It looks ugly. And the registration process is a bastardised wordpress setup that redirects you in the wrong way if there’s an error, it won’t let me capitalise my name (I mean, FFS, they want me to use my real name but not let me put the capitals in?), and I still haven’t had the confirmation email.

    The font size is too big and it’s a poor choice of font anyway.

    I shall sub the RSS feed, but if they don’t fix things don’t expect too many comments.

  5. The Forbes registration process is disastrous. I tried to sign up, was promised a confirmation email but it never came. I then told them all this on some contact/problem form and haven’t heard back either. So I can’t comment. Can’t believe an organisation of their size and profile hasn’t got this sussed yet.

    But I wish you well.

  6. Yet another corporate log on id on a US website with their cavalier treament of privacy No thanks…..

    And intrusive ads and and bloody survey pop-ups – what on earth made you even c0ntemplate it ?

  7. It has video adverts with sound! Are you taking the piss? Is this part of a plan to change your name to Tim Worstblogintheworldever?

  8. Now tried registering four times & it still won’t accept a username. No reason given. Tried a random string of alphanumerics in case all the variations I’d thought of were taken. No joy.

    As for trying to find the blogs & Tim’s stuff from the Forbes front page ( I use cybercafes a lot often so bookmarking’s not an option) is he one of the microscopic thumbnails right of screen on the business page? Laid out in what order? Attractiveness of hairstyle? Alphabetically too much for their webdesigners to cope with?

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