Timmy in Romanian

No, not important, just never seen myself mentioned in that language before.

Tim Worstall comenteaz? ?i el ?tirea pe blogul Forbes: \”din boomul www a ie?it un Google, e adev?rat, un Amazon, un e-bay. Dar s? evaluezi companiile ca ?i cum toate ar fi Google ?i nu ar putea fi aduce a defini?ia bulei\”. Am avut multe companii care au fost noul Google, enumer? jurnalistul de la Forbes: Bebo, Friends Reunited, MySpace, to?i omorâ?i de Facebook (sau de cei care au venit dup? ei, Facebook fiind ultimul). Cine pariaz? c? nu va mai veni nimeni dup? Facebook, s? repete figura?, întreab? acesta.

\”Blog\”is, I assume, \”blogul\” in Romanian. Or maybe it\’s \”blog post\”? (Bloggle could have ended up as the English word in an alternative universe….umm, maybe).

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  1. It means “the blog” – and as a Romanian I can tell it sure. On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to be mentioned on the website, especially as they are just “cut & copy/paste” what they like to sound as they “understood”.
    Keep writing about good economics and forget about that mention.

  2. I love being quoted in obscure languages; I can assume that they are praising me even if they are actually saying that I’m a complete fuckwit.

  3. Google translate is your friend – http://translate.google.com

    Using it’s auto detect language mode it translated it (very badly) as

    “Tim Worstall story blog comments and Forbes he “came from a Google www boom, indeed, an Amazon, e-bay. But to evaluate companies such as Google and not all could bring the definition of bubble. “We had many companies that were new Google lists journalist from Forbes: Bebo, Friends Reunited, MySpace, Facebook all killed (or those who came after them, Facebook is the latest). Who bets that one will not come as Facebook, to repeat the figure?, Ask it.”

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Romanian? Meh. Here’s Our Host being referred to by one of our Future Asian Overlords:


    He says, basically: The classification of rubbish, a very Green issue, provides, in exchange for uncountable small investments (I guess, literally capital) a great psychological feeling of moral superiority. But as Our Host recently pointed out in his blog: the concept itself is rubbish.

  5. If I recall correctly, Romania represented the limits of the eastward expansion of the Roman Empire. Isn’t it the only Romance language with a Cyrillic script (at least in some areas)?

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