*Very* misleading Guardian headline

Private hospitals are no place for people with learning disabilities

The sickening abuse at Winterbourne View hospital in Bristol, revealed by Panorama, shows why such private hospitals should no longer exist, say leading figures in learning disability sector

That\’s not in fact what the campaigners\’ letter says. The emphasis is not on the \”private\”.

For the NHS was just as bad:

There was, however, plenty of evidence of the kind of physical and verbal abuse that was all too common in NHS units such as Orchard Hill in Sutton, south London, which was the last hospital of its kind to close, in 2009, after having itself been exposed two years earlier for a regime of physical and sexual abuse of people who lived there.

The emphasis was on the \”hospital\”.

Handily, powerful evidence has emerged this week to lend weight to the letter. Publishing an evaluation of how the last Orchard Hill residents have fared since they moved to live with support in the community, Sutton council says they are happier, fitter and enjoying far greater independence, dignity and control over their lives. Oh – and their care and support costs are almost a third less.

The complaint is about putting people into institutions, rather than into care in the community.

Still, that won\’t stop people taking it as a vindication of their view that private equals evil.

1 thought on “*Very* misleading Guardian headline”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    It is interesting because it shows how the Narrative dominates the reading. The Guardian has a certain ideological view (White people, Jews, bad; non-White, Muslims, good; Violence never solves anything unless it involves suffering for the first group in which case it is a Good Thing) and that means they see what they want to see.

    I suppose the question is whether the rest of us do too. I hope I don’t.

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