Who was Sir Fred shagging?

As a fresh attempt was made to lift an injunction banning the identification of the woman in the case, a judge was told: “Sunlight should be shed on what at the moment are the dark corners of this case”.

It\’s all becoming slightly boring, isn\’t it?

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  1. Previously, on Injunction Junction:

    The woman submits that Associated Newspapers Ltd is in contempt of court – judge declines to refer the case to the A-G, saying, “The lady is free to refer the matter to the Attorney-General herself, and the Attorney-General is free to act of his own motion.”

    Tugendhat clears up some popular misconceptions about the case and ANL’s lawyer says “ANL has no evidence that anyone was asked about a possible breach of corporate governance”. Therefore Tugendhat said “It follows that there is no evidence before the court upon which the court could find that there is a public interest in the publication of a report imputing a breach of the code of conduct on the part of Sir Frederick Goodwin or the lady concerned”. Also, “the orders [injunctions] of 1 and 9 March did not prevent anyone from carrying out any investigation or from giving information to the FSA or any other person responsible for investigating the affairs of RBS”.

    (the above judgements have links to earlier judgements and orders.)

    I dare say the papers have got nothing.

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