Why, yes, regulations do strangle businesses, why do you ask?

A highlight: she’d have to install a pasteurizer even though she made her yogurt from milk that was already pasteurized. What’s more, California law makes it illegal to pasteurize milk twice,

Hang them, hang them all.

3 thoughts on “Why, yes, regulations do strangle businesses, why do you ask?”

  1. My personal favourite ludicrous regulation is the fact you have to have a license to be an interior designer in Washington DC.

  2. Tim, you’d better be planning to use a rope that meets section 7(3)(a)(iv) of the Politicians (Lynching, Public) Regulations 1998, as amended by EU Directive 2001/7/333431 “Length of a Piece of String, Harmonisation of”. Also, you’re going to need a health and safety assessment of that improvised scaffold. Somebody could get hurt.

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