Willy Hutton really is a card, isn\’t he?

Standard Willy Hutton column:

Argle bargle the banks, witter pobbely global finance, argle tax them, bargle bonus system, nurgle we must stop casino banking biggle banks must fund industry. Nitter power of finance capitalism waffle banks are bastards.

He\’s been rolling this out for fifteen years now, written at least two books making the same argument.

The structure of the banking system is what ails modern Britain.

Banks, they\’re bastards.

Today\’s Willy Hutton column?

The process has been under way for decades, but suddenly fair play and decency are in retreat before the urge to tar and feather whatever scapegoat, at whatever cost……….In its place is a new meanness, a presumption of guilt and the quest to find a single scapegoat who can take responsibility for every fault – and whom we can collectively hate.

Pot, kettle, goose gander, tu quoque, deploy your rhetorical cliche of choice at this point.

For it is really rather amusing to build you entire career on scapegoating and then decry scapegoating.




2 thoughts on “Willy Hutton really is a card, isn\’t he?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    As someone who has met Hutton socially I have to say he struck me as rather thick.

    But clearly he has proved Keynes right about one thing – you don’t have to be right, as long as you’re the same wrong as everyone else.

    I assume that is the explanation for the otherwise amazing mystery of his career. Why the hell do people listen to him? I think his life proves the Chinese poet Su Shi (1037-1101) was right:

    All People wish their children to be brilliant,
    But I have suffered from “brilliance” all my life.
    May you, my son, grow to be dumb and stupid,
    And, free from calamities, end up as Grand Minister!

  2. Not to mention his business skills suck ass – look at how well the Work Foundation has done under his stewardship

    Hint – They went bust…

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