Yes, it\’s still all our fault

Much of the literature on sex selection has suggested that cultural patterns explain the phenomenon. But Hvisten dahl lays the blame squarely on western governments and businesses that have exported technology and pro-abortion practices without considering the consequences. Amniocentesis and ultrasound scans have had largely positive applications in the west, where they have been used to detect foetal abnormalities. But exported to Asia and eastern Europe they have been intricately linked to an explosion of sex selection and a mushrooming of female abortions.

Hvistendahl claims western governments actively promoted abortion and sex selection in the developing world, encouraging the liberalisation of abortion laws and subsidising sales of ultrasounds as a form of population control.

And if we hadn\’t exported the technology we\’d still be to blame.

Vide The Guardian and all points lefty vitriol at Georgie Bush, who insisted that no family planning aid could go to those who even advised, let alone performed, abortions.

I do wish that people would keep the story straight. Are we vicious meanies because we\’ve offered foreign women the same freedoms that those at home have or are we vicious meanies because we didn\’t deny them such freedoms?

4 thoughts on “Yes, it\’s still all our fault”

  1. Keep up at the back!!

    Whatever white men (particularly ones in business, or the Right of politics) in the West do is not only wrong, but almost certainly downright evil.
    The ones on the Left may also be wrong, but at least they meant well.

  2. Well, nonetheless there is a powerful pressure by Western progressives regarding abortion, sterilisation and contraception. It’s the old eugenice movement you see, the very heart of the Progressive mindset.

    Sure, it’s all couched these days in a narrative about saving the planet, or the population explosion. But one of the driving forces of every Progressive is the fear of being outbred, hence trying to get everyone else a-sterilisin’ and a-bortin. They recognised back in the nineteenth century that their own birth rate was unusually low- the birthrate of upper class, white protestants. And as a conseuqnce they’ve been trying to cut everybody else’s birth rate ever since. It’s the basic problem that Ms. Proggie deigns to drop one athsmatic aspie after three rounds of IVF at the age of 40, while Mrs Foreigndarkie has had ten kids by the time she’s 20, kind of thing.

    There’s a good and funny example of this in the famous “Every Sperm Is Sacred” segment of Monty Python’s Meaning Of Life; the First Wave (American) Proggies were primarily terrified of rapidly breeding Catholics. Now it’s third world foerigners, but the same basic moral panic.

    So anyway, yes, it’s actually a pretty valid point.

  3. The West actively promoted sex selection? What a tool. We can brush over the almost parodic soft racism of the author’s contempt for other cultures with his belief that they are incapable of the most basic moral choices, choices that white people, of course, find second nature.

    Instead, let’s consider his ludicrous assertion that
    the West actively promotes sex selection. Quite why a culture which obsesses on feminism at home should reverse its policy abroad is unclear. Also why should the West encourage a dangerous imbalance of young males in traditionally ‘excitable’ and ‘vibrant’ cultures?

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