Yes, @richardjmurphy is wrong again

We collaborate, cooperate, in a market based manner on this one.

Take it away Christie.

4 thoughts on “Yes, @richardjmurphy is wrong again”

  1. As a slight aside, the link from FCAblog to Ritchie’s views on Bill Gates’ philanthropy leads to a genuinely jaw-droppingly nasty post from the Murphmeister.

  2. All money is owned by the state. Count yourself lucky they let you keep some.

    Have a look at the comments made by some HMRC staff:

    Although I agree with your overall argument, this particular non-sequitur and its variants have always irritated me as logically all companies are funded by taxpayers. I can see why BBC employees get irritated by the “I pay your wages” argument as well.

  3. How can any government spending…. any at all….. be as important as Bill Gates vaccination project in the World’s poorest countries.

    Richie really is beyond words.

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