Zoe Williams is confused

More so than usual:

But there is one quite simple proof here, which is that you can, for the money, have a civilised life. If the business model is broken for Southern Cross, if life is miserable in the main tranche of care homes, it is because the private sector is unsuited to this work.

That\’s her conclusion after finding that a privately run care home is actually quite wonderful.

True, it\’s a care hoome run by a trust, not a for profit company, but if it\’s the profit making desire you want to complain about, complain about that, not \”private\”.

So, anyone want to tell us all how much better the council run homes are then?

3 thoughts on “Zoe Williams is confused”

  1. Hell’s teeth, these people really are blinkered. This is a business model failure, nobody’s been left lying unfed on trolleys in a corridor, nobody’s been left unfed and unwatered in their bed, nobody’s claiming that the inmates are being assaulted.

    I would turn this round and say that the State isn’t suited for this sort of work, paying for it maybe, but not delivering it.

  2. It is the state, not the private sector, that is responsible for old people languishing in urine-soaked hospital beds, unwashed, unfed, and without access to a drink of water or a call-button.

    It is the state, not the private sector, that presided over the appalling neglect and abuse of children in the residential care system.

    It is the state, not the private sector, that acquiesced in the fatal neglect and cruelty that killed Victoria Climbie, and Peter Connolly, and many many other innocent victims.

    The state is a confidence trick.

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