A Luciana Berger idea I fully enorse

Alongside this, we need 100% transparency on how energy bills are calculated, so huge price rises can\’t be hidden behind rising wholesale prices.

I\’m afraid that I do have to admit, sexist, patronising and not very feminist at all curmudgeon that I am, that I rate Ms. Berger more for her looks than her brains.

But this does sound like an absolutely excellent idea. Let us put onto bills, in great detail, the amount that everyone is paying for the green delusions of our power supply system.

Regular readers will know that I\’m in agreement that climate change is a problem, a problem we should do something about. But that what we are doing is an insane set of things to do about this admitted problem.

So let the cost of the renewables obligation be on bills. Let\’s add the Stern Review\’s estimate of the costs of climate change. Let\’s show people that what is being done is costing more than the benefits that will flow from it.

Let\’s really detail the osts of those windmills, the feed in tariffs to Jeremy Leggett, let\’s show the one third (is that currently or in the future? I forget) of power bills that Greenpeace et al are responsible for.

That is what Ms. Berger is suggesting, isn\’t it?

7 thoughts on “A Luciana Berger idea I fully enorse”

  1. Somehow I doubt it. Her aim is the evil power companies, profiting at the expense of the poor.

    Anyway, is there anything stopping the power companies putting all the information you suggest on their bills voluntarily? Would be good PR on their behalf one would have thought, deflecting a good deal of the anger at price rises to where its due, the State, and its ludicrous obsession with bird mincers.

    People have cottoned on that the vast majority of petrol prices are tax, and the oil companies get less stick over rising fuel prices that perhaps they might. So the power companies are missing a trick.

  2. It’s about time retailers in general itemised the amount of the bill that is taken in tax. Then there might be more general recognition of the eyewatering amounts that are extracted from us all by force, only to be pissed up the wall by some fuckwit in Shitehall.

  3. As a whole-hearted supporter of wind power, I absolutely agree. They do exactly this in Denmark, and it hasn’t damaged support for wind there. Mind you, energy bills in Denmark also include all the other taxes the Danes levy on energy, of which the subsidy is a relatively small fraction.

    I look forward to the day when you realise quite how much all that imported gas is going to cost us.

  4. Tim,

    Berger is looking for transparency in bill calculation, not for a precise breakdown of generating costs to be added to the bill.

    Beleive me, this not one anti-Greenpeace hobbyhorse that the libertarians want to ride.

  5. If you want to buy a tuna sandwich from Tesco and get a 4,000 page long receipt outlining precisely how much yeast was used to bake the bread, or have all of the accounts lodged by the fishermen attached to it, feel free. That’s precisely the process that you are suggesting should happen with electricity bills, and what Berger is not suggesting should happen.

    Tim, believe it or not there is such a thing as the wholesale electricity market. Do you either need or want to know the wholesale cost of an item when you either want or need to buy it in a shop? Unless you’re perverse, I don’t think that you do. Now what you can crib about is being compelled to subsidise ugly contraptions that scar the lanscape, which perform their allocated tasks more capriciously and less efficiently than their predecessors.

    But enough about HRH The Prince of Wales

  6. It’s not sexist at all, Tim. I’m sure you rate Richie more for his looks than for his brains too.

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