A whinge about Amazon

So, I finally notice that Amazon does free delivery to Portugal.

I also note that Amazon does groceries.

Woo Hoo! 2 litres of HP, a 2 kg pack of Marmite , Pataks Pickles, here we come!


Groceries sold by Amazon are not deliverable to Portugal. Groceries sold through Amazon but not by Amazon do not qualify for free delivery.

Playing with the system I found that some pickled eggs and the HP would cost £20 ish: plus £45 delivery.

Must be the EU\’s fault as free markets never have even the slightest flaw in them.


3 thoughts on “A whinge about Amazon”

  1. yesterday I ordered a uniball Kuru Toga pencil from Amazon for delivery in Belgium, I also ordered a pack of replacement leads. At the checkout I was informed that they couldn’t export the leads to Belgium. The pencil, of course, does come with one lead. Strange indeed.

  2. Would you like a new Council Directive that all prices for post anywhere in the EU should be identical to domestic prices?

    We’re actually not far off that (thankyou market) for letters, or for phone calls. And certainly small parcels from Germany to the UK aren’t drastically more expensive than domestically.

    So for parcels, heavy stuff, are there really additional handling costs that justify the price difference? Or is it just that Amazon wants to put you off buying bulky low-value stuff that (thanks to the EU) you can sit on for two weeks and return at their expense?

    After all, directives or not Amazon is still free to make a contract with you or not. Excessive delivery charges are just its way of saying they don’t want the business.

  3. Surreptitious Evil

    Courtesy of reading the ads at the back of Private Eye on the plane home tonight, you might want to try “www.wecravefood.com”. They don’t seem to do Pataks but they do do HP and Marmite. 10kgs delivery is £24.

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