An American question about the English

\”Oh man,\” says Guarisco. \”There are so many different levels of excitement.\” And then suddenly, a thought strikes him. In a rare moment of something approaching concern he asks: \”Do people dance where you\’re from?\”

Err, yes, but in a slightly whitebread drunken uncle at the wedding disco sort of way.

The native dance is the Morris which doesn\’t really lend itself to the complex cross rhythms of zydeco…..

There is also the manner in which Judaism is a popular religion* in nightclubs what with the same sex dancing in circles: for the women the pile of handbags forming the focus.




* Yes, alright, it\’s a variation on the PJ O\’Rourke joke about the Polish. So sue me.

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  1. I didn’t dance until I moved to Latin America. And then I learnt that the most efficient method in the direction of serious pussy was a bit of merengue. Did it work? Oh God, it worked.

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