Big surprise in the Strauss Kahn case!

No, really, who could have guessed this would happen?

They believe she has lied about their encounter, has links to a drug dealer and received strange payments into her bank account, according to The New York Times.

The woman\’s account of why she received asylum in the US, and even her claim to own only one mobile phone, have also been called into serious doubt, the report said.

Citing unnamed law-enforcement sources, the newspaper reported that New York prosecutors had admitted to Mr Strauss-Kahn\’s lawyers that there were serious problems with their case.

CNN, citing an unnamed \”official close to Mr Strauss-Kahn\’s defence team\”, also said there were \”serious issues regarding the credibility\” of the maid.

Stories about how the rapee is a very naughty person indeed who shouldn\’t be believed. My, my, I am shocked. Just can\’t believe it, when an immigrant woman accuses a rich and powerful man, that such things might be said!

Note that no one\’s even hinting that sex didn\’t take place so this is all smokescreen to cover the he said/she said.

No, really, I am surprised.

6 thoughts on “Big surprise in the Strauss Kahn case!”

  1. Don’t wholly disagree, but note from the NYT piece “it was the prosecutor’s investigators who found the information about the woman”

    Tim adds: I may have misread a bit but didn’t I see “as told by someone close to the defence team”?

  2. How rough does he play this?

    Rough as possible to save himself, even if it means destroying the reputation of his accuser?

    OK, his political career is already down the swannee regardless of the outcome of the case, but if he plays it rough, how will it go down with his champagne socialist mates?

    Will they stick to their principles and ostracise him or shrug it off? (rhetorical question)

  3. “Just can’t believe it, when an immigrant woman acueses arich and powerful man, that such things might be said!”

    Because they often turn out to be true?

  4. CNN’s source is someone on DSK’s defence team, so it’s indeed no more than you’d expect them to say whatever the truth might be. The NYT’s source is someone on the prosecution team, which suggests that there may be real concerns over the case. The NYT article is better than the Telegraph article, which isn’t especially surprising.

  5. The news in the Telegraph was a little confusing. One yarn was that her identification of him was flawed – but if they’ve got his spunk, that seems irrelevant.

  6. MikeinAppalachia

    Interesting that this arises a day (?) after his replacement is named. And said replacement has Chicago connections. The conspiricy nuts will go mad with this.

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