Brenda Maddox

On Mao\’s Great Leap Forward:

\”One of the judges, [biographer] Brenda Maddox, simply said \’this book changed my life – I think differently about the 20th century than I did before. Why didn\’t I know about this?\’ We feel we know who the villains of the 20th century are – Stalin and Hitler. But here, fully 50 years after the event, is something we did not know about. It\’s a testament to the power of non-fiction, that it can rock you back on your heels.\”

Seriously? You had to wait until 2011 to work that one out?

6 thoughts on “Brenda Maddox”

  1. “We”? Either royal plural denoting delusions of majesty or I speak-for-everyone delusion.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Western Universities are dominated by Leftists. Chinese Studies in particular is dominated by Maoists. Naturally they give their fellow Leftists and Maoists a free pass.

    No surprise there.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    dearieme – ““I told you so you fucking fools” is such a repeatedly useful remark.”

    I read something by Mark Seldon once. He was (or is) a Maoist who regrets the collapse of the Soviet Union and prefers China’s economic reform because land is still theoretically owned by the people.

    He calls that sort of thing “McCarthyism”.

    Or as I would put it, McCarthyism is just what the Left calls telling the truth about Communists.

  4. She must have had such an optimistic view of history! There was Hitler and Stalin, yes, but everybody else was charming

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