Coulson didn\’t get positive vetting

This is amusing.

Last week it was all about how Andy Coulson had had access to the most secret government documents when it was obvious that he was a bad -un and shouldn\’t have been let anywhere near them.This showed Cameron was incompetent and must go.

This week it\’s revealed that he didn\’t have top level security vetting and didn\’t have access to the most secret docs.

Andy Coulson did not face the rigorous government security checks into his background that most recent Downing Street press chiefs have undergone, it emerged on Wednesday.

The former News of the World editor was granted only mid-level security clearance when he was appointed by David Cameron as his director of communications, so avoiding \”developed vetting\” involving a detailed interview by government investigators looking for anything in his past that could compromise him.

And yes, you can see this coming, can\’t you:

The disclosure will fuel suggestions that Cameron failed to take proper steps to check allegations that Coulson had been involved in illegal behaviour at the NoW.

This shows that Cameron is incompetent and must go.

2 thoughts on “Coulson didn\’t get positive vetting”

  1. True the left are trying it on.

    However, Camoron IS incompetent and a malicious leftist traitor, both to this country and to the human race (the green madness). Anything that hurts him is good news.

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