D\’ye think the BBC might have too much money?

The BBC will follow the Olympic torch relay throughout its entire 70-day journey around Britain – with 80 to 90 per cent of the action to be broadcasted online, London 2012 director Roger Mosey has said.

5 thoughts on “D\’ye think the BBC might have too much money?”

  1. It’s like they’ve become a parody of themselves isn’t it? Will they commentate?

    “And, you join us now and he’s still running. Running along, One foot in front of the other and, he’s just run past a rubbish bin and, there he goes, run run run…”

  2. Ian, yes, they do that sort of commentary on Radio 5 for sports which do not at all lend themselves to radio – Formula 1 and golf come to mind.

    “He swings, the ball is in the air. Bounce bounce bounce. Yes, the ball has stopped…It’s all happening here folks…”

  3. Not forgetting sending reporters out to see how the athletes are preparing. Not our athletes mind … the ones in Jamaica, Africa, Mauritus blah blah blah. Whole treporting teams flown out to these locations just for a 2-3min report on athletes that have nothing to do with us!

  4. BBC have too much money? Yep. But like all good bureaucracies when the pennies need a slight pinching they chop at emotive things – like the F1 coverage.

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