EMC scandium results in Norway

This press release amused:

Highlights of Initial Surface Soil Sample Program:

* The best sample assay returned a 217 ppm scandium value,
* Eleven soil samples contained +50 ppm scandium, of which five samples exceeded 85 ppm and three exceeded 150 ppm,
* The eleven soil samples were clustered within an area measuring 700 x 100 metres, or approximately 35% of the total sample area,
* A total of 131 soil samples were collected at 100-metre spacing intervals, in more accessible areas that avoided steep terrain,

This is a press release recall, telling us of how wonderful this mining property is.

Given that the Earth\’s crust is, on average, 22 ppm scandium, they\’ve not in fact made a very large strike. Only 11 of 131 samples are even twice crustal abundance.

I\’d bet good money that there are vegetable gardens out there with higher Sc concentrations.

And given that there\’s hundreds of millions of tonnes of waste out there, not hard rock that you\’ve got to mine, but waste which people will pay you to take away, which grades 120 ppm Sc through all of those hundreds of millions of tonnes: no, really, not a great mining find.

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