Err, no, I don\’t think so actually

From September, Neuberger will become a full-time rabbi at the West London Synagogue and going on to the crossbenches. \”Because I\’ve got members of the congregation of all religious faiths and none, I don\’t want people to think I\’m preaching Lib Dem politics from the pulpit.\”

I have a feeling that it\’s the political views that are mixed in a synagogue, not the religious ones.

But it\’s her views on \”Nudge\” that are worse than that little sub\’s error:

\”Basically you need more than just nudge,\” she says, when we meet in the Lords. \”Behavioural change interventions appear to work best when they\’re part of a package of regulation and fiscal measures,\”

What a ghastly little fascist*. Nudging people into making what you think are the right decisions is not enough. You must both tax them into it and force them at gunpoint (which is what the law eventually rests upon) into doing as you think they ought to.

OK fascist is a little over the top. But it\’s certainly not \”liberal\” is it?





*Yes, I know she\’s Jewish, yes, I know about the Holocaust and all. But it\’s difficult to think of a description of this sort of mindset other than fascist.

5 thoughts on “Err, no, I don\’t think so actually”

  1. Oh come on, a disproportionately high number of the early Fascists were Jewish. It was only when Benito became besotted with Hitler that he revved up the anti-semitic stuff.

  2. It’s ‘Progressive’. Use of State power to force people to act according to your prejudices.

    Cover yourself by declaring that you are a ‘liberal’.

  3. Dunno about ‘disproportionately,’ but there certainly were Jews in the Fascisti; there was a Jewish Fascist newspaper. (Source: Robert Hughes, ‘Rome’.)

    And I think she probably does mean that there are people of all and no faiths at her synagogue. Liberal Jews can be as wishy-washily diverse, and embarrassed by the idea of actual belief in G*d, as Unitarians.

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