Excuse me while I whine bitterly about The Guardian

OK, yes, the Coastguard does excellent work.

But Dear Lord in Heaven, how can you write an entire editorial about the rescue of mariners at sea without mentioning the RNLI?

I mean seriously?

The Coastguard answers the telephones, it\’s the RNLI that puts out the vast majority of the boats.

Yes, of course, I\’m seeing conspiracies where none exist but the Coastguard is tax financed, the RNLI is not only entirely charitably financed, showing that this Big Society of voluntary cooperation is entirely possible, it adamantly refuses to ever take the Government shilling.

And in GuardianWorld that just isn\’t allowed, is it?

Cocks they are.

8 thoughts on “Excuse me while I whine bitterly about The Guardian”

  1. Indeed, they totally neglect the fact that in 2011 co-ordination doesn’t really need to be geographically near the point of service. Of course the US Coastguard *does* do rescue work (many modern RNLI offshore vessels were inspired by US Coastguard designs), and the poor lambs may have been confused by this.

  2. View from the Solent

    Robert D @ 9:58

    For offshore work, yes.
    However (speaking as an ex-RNLI guy), for inshore work local knowledge is essential. The sea is not a big lake. Only the locals know the currents and tides. The local coastguards and inshore crews work hand-in-glove, the former accepting advice from the latter and vice versa.

  3. What VFTS says and there is a third element to this: the National Coastwatch Institute, another voluntary organisation that I shall be consulting next week before deciding which route to take round Portland Bill.

  4. I’ve only ever had one interaction with the coastguard; they were utterly useless. Three of us had to rescue two drowning men ourselves.

  5. If Jesus came back, they’d accuse him of being an overprivileged elitist who only got where he was because of who his father is, and criticise his teachings as Christian fundamentalism that has no place in our modern, diverse society.

  6. Steve:

    You may be right. But where they’ll get ‘im is for healing the sick without a license.

  7. The Pedant-General

    And his approach to the payment of taxes would give Ritchie conniptions. “Render unto Ceasar” has distinct overtones of “enough but no more”….

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