From the obituary of the Earl of Harewood

Two little nuggets:

From his earliest days, George Lascelles was blessed with an extraordinary ear for music and interest in facts about music, an eccentricity which prompted his uncle, the Prince of Wales (later the Duke of Windsor), to remark: “It’s very odd about George and music. You know his parents were quite normal — liked horses and dogs and the country.”

And this shows quite how near a long time ago can be:

At his christening, held at his parents’ home, Goldsborough Hall in the North Riding of Yorkshire, his godparents included King George and Queen Mary, Princess Alexandra, and General Sir George Higginson, a noted veteran of the Crimean war, then aged 96.

The godfather of a man who died this week fought in the Crimean war, 160 years ago.

On this subject, the last US civil war pensions were still being paid out in 2003 and 2004.

6 thoughts on “From the obituary of the Earl of Harewood”

  1. One of the many things that my kids think is weird about me is that my father was left for dead on the battlefield of the Somme.

    I’m relatively young for this – he had me when he was 60 – and kids talk about friends’ grandparents fighting in World War II.

  2. Some years ago, but not, I think before 2000, there was an old biddy in the House of Lords, probably in her eighties, whose father and grandfather both produced the relevant offspring at over 60 years old. In this way, her grandfather was both in the eighteenth century!

  3. Go ye one better!

    I’m 75. My grandfather was born in 1985.

    A guy living in Virginia (name of James Tyler) is some years younger than I. Yet his grandfather was born 100 years before mine (and elected President of the U.S.–“Tippecanoe and Tyler, too!”–in 1840.) His grandfather had a son at 77
    years and that son had his last at 79.

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