Fuck it

America\’s going to default, Greece is in the shitter, Guido\’s campaigning for the death penalty and the Murph is about to inflict a book upon us.

Perhaps we shouldn\’t forget that us roughly 1 billion rich world people are living higher on the hog than any group of human beings ever has done, that the last 30 years has seen the greatest reduction in poverty that our species has ever experienced, that the IPCC predicts, nay insists, that this is going to continue for at least the next century.

A wonderful world indeed.

9 thoughts on “Fuck it”

  1. The wealth causes the stupidity. We have too much spare time because we don’t have to spend all the time looking for food.

    Being hairless monkeys with a taste for booze, bad women and trouble, we use that spare time to go looking for … booze, bad women and trouble.

    And we always find them, don’t we?

  2. Fred Z (#2), nice theory, but which of “booze, bad women and trouble” does Murphy want his book to get for him?

  3. In the USA the sixty or so years after WWII was a golden age, but now it’s over. The world is reverting to the norm, which is poverty and violence. The golden age was nice while it lasted, and I was lucky enough to live through most of it. But if you’re under forty, sucks to be you.

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