Hugo Chavez underwent surgery to remove cancerous tumour

How strange. There appears to be some of him left.

3 thoughts on “Hugo Chavez underwent surgery to remove cancerous tumour”

  1. Evelyn Waugh once observed, on hearing that doctors had removed a benign tumour from Randolph Churchill, that it was a typical triumph of modern science to take out the only part of Randolph that wasn’t malignant.

  2. My pet theory is that all members of the upper political class should be required by law to have their medical needs attended to in their own country, in order to promote competent home-grown medics for the rest of the population. Too often in these banana republics the leaders piss off elsewhere for their ops.

    Though the fact that poor Cuba has better medicine than oil-rich Venezuela tells you something interesting, too.

  3. That funding a decent level of medical care for the political class has left the rest of Cuba in penury?

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