If only…..

As a result, the Government says that it can\’t wait for the Supreme Court to overturn the ruling: it wants to legislate immediately. The trouble is, when governments legislate in haste, they usually end up with something that has worse consequences than the problem they meant to correct. From dangerous dogs to the prevention of terrorism, the record of emergency legislation is dismal: Acts passed at high speed are usually dismantled just as quickly.

It\’s not so much that bad laws do get passed when laws get passed quickly.

It\’s that they don\’t get unpassed when we realise that they\’re bad laws.

Take, say, the European Arrest Warrant. Even Chris Bleedin\’ Huhne realises that he and his Lib Dem mukkers voted for an appallingly bad law.

Still got that law though, don\’t we?

And yes, this does go to the heart of the whole government/market thing as well. What markets are merciless at is persecuting fuckups. Governments and politics not so much.

2 thoughts on “If only…..”

  1. Bad law makes more work for Westminster. Perhaps as they do less and less serious stuff by handing the responsibilities to Europe their need to look busy has increased.

    It also shows a massive lack of care for the public who are more vulnerable to bad laws than the politicians.

  2. All new laws should have a sunset clause, the length of time to when the sunset clause kicks in should be proportional to the length of time the law took to go through parliament.

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