Interesting point

Made by Peter Preston in The G.

So, Murdoch should sell off all his newspapers, eh? Increase media plurality etc etc etc.

OK, so, who is going to buy them?

Desmond? Lebedev? Associated?

Umm, anyone?

6 thoughts on “Interesting point”

  1. I’d laugh my arse off if Murdoch sold News International to Associated Newspapers.

    Or maybe there’s some other good Tory donor out there who won’t switch party allegiance when it suits?

  2. the great redacto

    A foreign gentleman probably. It won’t be Associated, they’ll have trouble enough once the contagion of phone hacking and blagging medical records etc spreads, as it will.

  3. The Sainted Trust Of Guardianship, of course, or at least a loophole exploiting company spun off it for tax purposes.

  4. Murdoch loves newspapers and sees himself as a newspaper man. On the other hand, his great successes have generally been in TV – with Sky and Fox, most notably. (That’s the Fox broadcast network, not Fox News). Newspapers as a business are dying, which means that for the most part his newspapers are being kept alive through subsidies from his television networks. When he dies, the newspapers will all be sold or closed (as they are a drag on the real business). This scandal has perhaps brought the day that this happens forward a little,

    The Times has enough cachet to it that some dubious Russian or such will probably buy it for reasons of vanity. But we will still see how long it lasts. In recent decades it has never really been a big seller.

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