Is this praise or what?

Like a one-man Gilbert and Sullivan of economics, the tax expert Richard Murphy lampoons Osborne\’s commitment

I originally read that as the Gilbert O\’Sullivan of economics which would definitely be an insult. Imagine being called a second rate Richard Clayderman?

But is producing the operettas of the subject really praise?

6 thoughts on “Is this praise or what?”

  1. Course it is. But it should be “Like a one-man Gilbert and Sullivan of economics, Worstall relentlessly lampoons Richard Murphy…”

  2. I wouldn’t have thought that being a creator of light-hearted operatic fantasies would be quite what the economic colossus of our age would prefer as a description.

  3. Anyone who criticises a ‘theory’ on the basis we cannot know the future, and then goes on to make predictions about the future, is shall we say ‘inconsistent’.

  4. G&S wrote comedic pieces. Murphy is just tragic.

    I’m sure he woudl have preferred Shakespeare, Dostoevsky or “latter day Maynard Keynes” … more befitting his Wales-sized ego. He’d have probably come a little.

  5. Gilbert O’Sullivan? You could write a song about Murphy’s nonsense. It could be titled, “Wrong Again, Naturally.”

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