Jim G\’s Back

Let\’s hope he stays back, eh?

2 thoughts on “Jim G\’s Back”

  1. An old post of his from 2009 tells the story of the guys arrested for smuggling $134 billion in bearer bonds in a false-bottomed suitcase. Anyone know what the outcome was in the end?

  2. Thanks for the kind words Tim.

    But I am? I didn’t think so!

    Scott Sumner asked me to post some graphs of data I’d mentioned to him, and disinterring my old blog for a post was the simplest way to do it. One-time thing was the intent.

    But now you’re making me feel obligated. So maybe …. 🙂

    As to the “$134 billion in bearer bonds”, that story disappeared *amazingly* from sight. My bet is it was just a scam … but it really looks like somebody wanted that story buried deep and succeeded in planting it 12 feet under.

    I mean, even if it was a total scam, wouldn’t “$134 billion of bearer bonds in a false bottom suitcase” be a story that would reported everywhere just for the off-beat entertainment value of it? “You’ve heard of scams, well how about a *$134 billion* scam…”

    Why bury news of a scam? Who could possibly be scammed for even a small percentage of $134 billion? … Very bizarre.

    Hey, maybe I’ve got something to get back blogging about… 🙂

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