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So my \”vision\” of a sustainable energy future for the UK is relatively simple. I believe a 100% renewable supply strategy for the UK is feasible by 2050 at the latest, assuming only that we succeed in reducing total energy consumption in the UK by at least 40% by 2030 through a wholly different approach to energy efficiency than any government has ever demonstrated before.

That is, we can have an economy powered purely by renewables as long as we don\’t actually have an economy and we\’re all happy shivering in the dark.

After that lovely \”whole new approach\” to government that he\’d foist upon us.

Sir Johnny is, as you will remember, the one who wants 53 million of us dead, arguing as he does at the Optimum Population Trust that the country can only support 17 million people.

How unlike what we\’d expect from a Old Etonian Baronet: the problem is just too many of us damn peasants, isn\’t it?

Khmer Vert has nothing on this guy.

6 thoughts on “Johnny Porritt\’s latest”

  1. Surreptitious Evil

    Well, if you reduce the population by 77% (UK pop was a bit over 62 million last year according to the ONS, rather than the 70 mil you appear to be rounding to), then reducing the total energy consumption by a mere 40% shouldn’t be beyond even the British political classes.

    It’s certainly a “a wholly different approach to energy efficiency“, however. “Soylent Green” certainly has a severe challenger in “Old Etonian Green”.

  2. It is incredible that the word ‘extremist’ is not put before his name whenever it is mentioned. I’d say medieval economy and 75% of the population ‘disappeared’ counts as extreme in my book.

  3. And you just know that 53 million figure won’t include any Guardian readers or any other of the “Enlightened.”

  4. Philip Scott Thomas

    Speaking of the Optimum Population Trust, Tim, did you catch this? It’s our old friends the OPT and Caroline Lucas again.

  5. PST: God I hate these miserablist fuckers. Last time we had a group family photo it had to be taken from 40′ away just to get us all in the frame. I really need to get breeding myself. Four kids sounds about right.

  6. “What’s that Comrade? You think its not right that you have to live in a freezing tenement, while Commissars Porritt and Monbiot live in centrally heated mansions?

    Be very careful Comrade, talk like that can get you 10 years in the treadmill, producing renewable energy to keep the People alive during this inexplicably cold decade of Global Warming. Get back to your hand plough, and I’ll pretend I never heard it.”

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