Labour supporting blogger surprised by economics

The ancient city of Petra is the highlight of any visit to Jordan. The great Nabatean city, with most buildings constructed between the 5th Century BC and 2nd Century AD, is a must-see. However the problem is the ticket price.

Item in fixed supply and high demand is expensive.

Whoddathunkit, eh?

7 thoughts on “Labour supporting blogger surprised by economics”

  1. Having displayed his fine British twattery by collecting some litter and taking a photo of it, our intrepid blogger adds,

    “In the early morning the valley is filled with the chugging sound of the many generators that power the food stalls and trinket stands; surely solar power would be a far better solution.”

    Er, no.

  2. Jordan in July! what a plonker, maybe it was the desert heat and the sun that warped his mind…all those mirages just wont stop when you get out off the bus for the poor bloke.

  3. Hmm, so a lefty thinks that towel-heads should work for less money for the benefit of rich westerners?

  4. Ian B – Jordan has year-round hot sunshine, pisspoor land transport, and little or no oil of its own. While solar’s a daft solution for the UK, using it to replace diesel microgeneration in a setting like Petra is exactly one where it would be viable.

  5. Err…johnb? While ,”early morning”, is fairly imprecise, it’s a safe bet that at least some of early morning will be before sunrise. lunar power is not the same as solar power. And no. people can’t wait for the sun to be powerful enough because in July, all market trading is done in the early morning before the Sun gets too hot.

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