Le mot juste

This might not be it:

Nothing that happened on Thursday has changed that. Murdoch and his media – like all media – live in a world of tectonic change.

Tectonic: slow? Millimetric? Entirely invisible to the human senses? At the speed of continental drift?

Not, really, quite how I would describe the last few decades in the media, no.

5 thoughts on “Le mot juste”

  1. ‘A little learning is a dangerous thing…’ in this case, knowing that ‘seismic’ (which is the word being groped for) events are caused by the movement of tectonic plates. Bit like R. Murphy, really – a very slow brain causing disastrous errors of reasoning.

  2. ‘Least he didn’t call it a “quantum” change: that really would have brought out lots of wittering.

  3. Don’t see what’s wrong with it. It means “structural” from the Latin word “tectonicus” which means a building or structure.

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