Murdoch\’s a canny one, inn\’e?

Phone hacking scandal: Murdoch pulls Sky News plan to force inquiry
Rupert Murdoch has withdrawn a promise to spin off Sky News in a desperate attempt to rescue his plan to take full control of BSkyB.

Force them to consider the plan under the law as it stands, rather than allowing the decision to be taken in hte current maelstrom of politics.

Not a bad plan at all.

There\’s also all the talk about selling off the remaining UK newspapers (the Times and Sun essentially). If they did that, what would be the media concentration argument about his owning BSkyB?

None that I can see really…..and a year for the commission investigation would give time to try and engineer such a sale.

Plus, of course, time for the investigation into who else (and do not for a moment believe that other papers have not been paying coppers) has been making bungs to infect other media outlets making the \”fit and proper person\” a bit of a difficult argument.

All still to play for I would say.

4 thoughts on “Murdoch\’s a canny one, inn\’e?”

  1. I can’t remember where but someone on another site has pointed out that Mirror Group and the Daily Mail group have both had way more people convicted of way more hacking offences than News International; I’m amazed that Cameron hasn’t come out fighting on this and announced a full judicial enquiry covering all instances by all papers

  2. My money is on Murdoch pulling off his deal somehow. I’m nop fan of his, but he’s a smart cookie, and generally gets what he wants, and that’s the way to bet I reckon.

  3. the great redacto

    Yes, the little platoons at Wapping expect any day now to go over the top and be mown down by the machine-gun nests of venture capitalists or whoever else comes along in the event of the remaining NI titles being put up for sale. All great fun.

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