Musing on Gay Pride marches

but I was left wondering what exactly happened to LGBT activism. We started out as a genuinely counter-cultural subversive movement; Stonewall wasn\’t named after a riot for nothing. Now we\’re a demographic to be marketed to.

Yes, that means you won.

Rightly so.

Your preferences in gonad/gonad encounters are no more counter cultural, odd, strange or outre than mine for big redheads.

This is the promised land of equality and civil liberties.

5 thoughts on “Musing on Gay Pride marches”

  1. This is a fundamental problem with a free society for some people (not particularly tied to sexual orientation, the rebel-for-the-sake-of-rebelling seems to be an equal opportunity stupidity form.

  2. Pressure groups and their leaders don’t usually seek equality, they seek privilege. It’s possible that Martin Luther King was an exception to this generalisation.

  3. Sounds like a publicly-funded salary looking for a new cause.

    That’s the trouble with a professional equalities industry. That last thing they want is, errm, equality.

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