Northerners are bigheads

Sure, we all knew this but now we\’ve scientific proof:

Northerners\’ brains are bigger, scientists find

Note that what they\’re actually measuring is cranial capacity, not in fact brain size.

So, yes, bigheads.

Strangely, it\’s not the weird diet of mushy peas and deep fried ferret with whippet sticks. It\’s purely and simply living north of Watford Gap that does it.

5 thoughts on “Northerners are bigheads”

  1. Reluctant Northener

    Most people around here walk around with a big fat greasy chip on their shoulder and don’t care who knows it.

  2. Don’t be foolish man! One does not ‘eat’ a ferret, deep fried or otherwise.

    One inserts said creature into one’s trousers for the amusement of such urchins and working coves as may pass by, in the hope that they will gift one a shilling, which one will then to convey to one’s indoors for to facilitate her purchase of such luxurious fancies as pease pudding.

    Weasels and stoats, mind you, are easy fare for one’s Delonghi deep fat fryer, courtesy of Brighthouse.

    Bloody southerners 😉

  3. As a Northerner miself [sic] all I can remember is two tyke (Yorkshiremen) jokes.

    Why are Yorkshiremen so well balanced? ‘cos they ‘ave chips on both shoulders.

    Ya can always tell a Yorkshiremen, but ya’ can’t tell ’em much.

    Boom! Boom! (I’ll get ma coat)

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