On this new group blogging lark

Dale & Co is a new blogging platform, showcasing 92 writers, each with editorial independence, providing some of the best political, media, social and sports commentary on the net.

Right, OK.

Looking at the list of contributions on that front page I see…15 stories.

OK, good.

12 of which are about the NOTW story.

Ah, no, that\’s what editors are for.

Yes, big stories are big stories and yes, it\’s entirely possible to have 12 news pieces about the same story.

But 12 people desperately trying to come up with a new twist to the same story so as to justify a column?


3 thoughts on “On this new group blogging lark”

  1. And how many are saying oh noes New International is the only one doing bad stuff, all us other media people are goody two shoes.

    What about the people who did the actual “hacking” as opposed to commissioning it. In other words the private investigators – why isn’t Cameron calling for more draconian regulation of the PI industry rather than press regulation? Hands up in air! I know! It’s because it gets media attention from all the other newspapers who are desperate to pick a scape goat and so ignore their own faults. Also, the public can be fooled by the call for more laws into believing that he is a strong PM when in fact it’s the total opposite – he just follows the chattering classes rather than leading them.

  2. OTOH, isn’t this why the internet is putting the job of “editor” into the buggy whip maker category? A noozpaper or magazine has limited space, so any column published excludes another one that could have been. Not so the internet.

    The internet is like a series of tubes, with unlimited space in the tubes, so you can “publish” 200 columns about building a blue tit nest box, or the music of John Lee Hooker, or how to repair a bicycle, and it doesn’t matter because they don’t take space from anybody else.

    Who needs an editor?

  3. Ian B – because you still need a front page, and if you don’t have an editor then you get a front page with 12 identical stories on it. When I was running online trade press sites (slightly, but not much, better than content farms), a lot of the point was to create an enormous volume of news and drive traffic to it. But we still had actual human editors picking homepage stories, to ensure that the mix of content seen by readers attracted by the brand rather than found through search wasn’t too atrocious and didn’t make us look too much like clowns (they’d also manually edit stories to make sure they were sane and coherent – 300 pieces a day were written by people in India on next to no money, the ones we picked for the front page were rewritten by native English speakers with some industry knowledge in London).

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