Poor show by the bookie

Fred Done, whose Betfred bookie won the race for the Tote with a £265m bid, is continuing to resist paying five punters who placed bets showing profits of £823,000 with its Gibraltar-based online wing, Betfred.com.

It has declared the bets void – even though it has paid out on wagers placed by UK punters in its 840 betting shops.

Four of the five individuals are related to Mr Curley, 70, who has a long track record in stinging the bookies with gambles on horses trained at his small Newmarket yard.

Although it has to be said, not as bad as one bookmaker past.

Or at least so it is rumoured, when a punter won big back in the 60s the shop which contained the betting slip burned down overnight, before he could get there to claim his winnings.

A quite remarkable coincidence that.

5 thoughts on “Poor show by the bookie”

  1. We know backing yourself to lose can put you in prison, but isn’t backing yourself to win in the rather small world of horse racing sailing dangerously close to insider trading?

  2. Gambling debts are not generally enforceable in law, so bookies can stiff punters with impunity. It’s why they’re so universally despised.

  3. Dad had his telephone account with Wm. Hill stopped because he won too often. Not too much, just too often. Maybe one bet a fortnight.

  4. I had an acquaintance who claimed that “rails” bookmakers would not take his bets at a Birmingham dog-track.So I had the great satisfaction of slapping on £500 of his money as an on-the-nose bet.It lost.

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