Proof perfect of PJ O\’Rourke\’s contention

That contention being of course, that when legislators get to decide what is bought and sold then legislators will be the first thing to be bought and sold.

What is now happening with News Corp and BSkyB? Yes, there\’s that screaming that politicians, legislators, shouldn\’t let him buy the bit he doesn\’t currently own.

And those very same people are also the ones screaming that Murdoch, News Corp, bought and sold politicians in the past, no?

I\’d say the contention is conclusively proven myself.


4 thoughts on “Proof perfect of PJ O\’Rourke\’s contention”

  1. Yeah, but who else is going to do their job?

    You’re not going to get good and upright people going into politics generally, because if these people exist they will be seen as weak, or more probably they realise that the nature of politics is corrupting.

    Fixed terms might help, and a lottery elective system would be great fun!?

  2. “Yeah, but who else is going to do their job?”

    I think the point is that this is a job we don’t want doing by anyone.

  3. “I think the point is that this is a job we don’t want doing by anyone.”

    Quite likely, but ain’t going to happen. Sure we can (want to) downsize government, but we ain’t going to get rid of it. So there’ll always be national and local politics, and we’ll still be stuck with the same problem.

  4. I wasn’t advocating getting rid of government, nor do I think that society would be a better place with no government. I do however think it should not be legislating on matters of trade.

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