Questions to which the answer is no

Can music lovers enjoy Wagner\’s art in spite of his anti-Semitism?


Nothing to do with the anti-semitism mind, it\’s the \”music\”. Appalling, dreary stuff. No one who loved music could ernjoy it: Wagner is something to be endured.

11 thoughts on “Questions to which the answer is no”

  1. Agree totally. The cult of Wagner creeps me out, both musically and intellectually.

    Even if Stephen Fry and Roger Scruton like Wagner, it is still terrible music.

    (I hope one of my uncles doesn’t read this: he loves Wagner as well)

  2. Let’s leave,”I don’t approve of it so it must be bad”. to the Guardianistas, shall we?

  3. Can you laugh at Eddie Izzard despite him being a raving ….. Europhile?

    Its only Guardianistas who ask such stupid questions, because they happily listen music and read books which have no artistic merit, but are the work of people whose heart is in the “right place”.

  4. Tim is right.

    Die Walkure was the first opera I ever went to see: all five hours of it, so help me God.

    It took me years to get over that.

    Wagner is terrible stuff.

  5. I haven’t listened to enough Wagner to have much of an opinion. I rather liked Der fliegende Hollánder. People have similar bees in their bonnets about, inter alia, Mahler and Bruckner (both of which I enjoy greatly.)

  6. + 1 Tim. And your commenters.

    I recall my father Gino saying to me once “Your mother and I are off tonight to Wagner. I see you in 3 days.”

  7. Grumpy Old Man is right. The “I don’t like it and therefore it’s terrible” is not an approach which would have any force or insight when applied to (say) economics, nor does it when applied to Wagner.

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