Repeat after me

England is not the United Kingdom.

The flag of England is the Cross of St George, the flag of the United Kingdom is the Union Jack.

6 thoughts on “Repeat after me”

  1. Since it is effectively impossible to tell whether, on saying “England”, a Englishman means England, or Great Britain, or the United Kingdom, or the UK plus the Channel Islands plus Man, is your fussing well advised?

  2. Actually, using England to refer to the whole of the United Kingdom was common currency through the C19th. So if anything, I’m being a more true Englishman in my contempt for the colonies… ah, crap, that won’t do.

    I was at work, on my own, did a quick blog, couldn’t be bothered to search for more than 5 minutes for the right flag.

    Still, thanks for the traffic.

  3. Flag or no flag Britain ain’t what it was in my day. Didn’t Blair make it come to bits too.

  4. Tim

    I believe that a sporting event held in 1966, I believe, in which the English football team are believed to have beaten the West Germans by two goals to two, has coloured perceptions of this matter. Thank you for the clarification.

  5. @ Martin
    No: it is about Cricket. In 1966 the Scottish national team used to play in the Minor Counties while Oxford and Cambridge counted as first-class fixtures.

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