Ritchie\’s report for the taxmans\’ union

Increased resources to be made available to HM Revenue & Customs to tackle tax haven / secrecy jurisdiction abuse as well as tax avoidance and evasion in general;

Spend more on the taxmen who belong to the taxmans\’ union that paid Ritchie to write the report.

My word, that is a surprising thing to find in such a report, isn\’t it?

3 thoughts on “Ritchie\’s report for the taxmans\’ union”

  1. Not wishing to drill into the report because I don’t like my eyes to bleed (you perform the service for us, Tim) so I just wondered: did Ritchie disclose this conflict of interest at the beginning of his report into transparency?

  2. Sorry, brain fade in my previous comment. I must learn to read properly. The report Tim refers to is
    the one he links to. I was not expecting it to be the root page of the site, so the link will probably soon be outdated.

  3. Serwotka, instead of trying to defend his members contracts, where he does have a leg to stand on, takes his members money and pisses it away on dickheads like Murphy. Because Murph peddles the kind of marxistic shite Serwotka wants peddled.

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