Saving the world will take until after lunch

That means that we need to have a massive disaster management plan in place to get us through the potential crisis that  August represents.  I admit that I don’t have time to write that whole plan this morning, but here’s an outline of what is needed.

Guess who?

14 thoughts on “Saving the world will take until after lunch”

  1. > Guess who?

    Need you ask? I went straight to Ritchie’s blog entry for 20 July 2011 and found all the gory details for the total remaking of the world financial system after the apocalypse.

    Time to buy gold, I think, although it may be too late.

  2. Here’s the comment I left there. Interesting to see if it passes moderation:

    I do agree that the Republican Party are playing politics and that it is ‘potentially’ irresponsible – although I suspect that it will get resolved before it comes to a default. That is, after all, the stuff of politics and a game that is played by all politicians, whatever their party.

    I’d humbly suggest though that the craven irresponsibility is not on the part of any one party either in the US or here, but on all parties. Successive governments of all colours have seen fit to rack up the credit card bills, borrowing excessively and running suicidal fiscal policies.

    If only our politicians (of all colours) had thought that it might be a good idea to live within ‘our’ means then it’s likely that we wouldn’t be in this predicament.

    Sadly now we’re in a situation where where we’re trying to help the terminally indebted governments, corporates and individuals a lifeline by extending their credit even further when they can’t even pay what they owe now.

    What we need is not more QE and borrowing but a bit (well a lot actually) of belt tightening. Looking at what we’ve got coming in and cutting our cloth accordingly.

    Anything else is utter, utter madness.

  3. Damn. Until I read the comments above I was thinking that Gordoom was coming back to save the world. Again.

  4. I’m most impressed it would only take him a morning. But I suppose that it leaves the afternoon for sorting our the Israel/middle east thingy, and if he gets time when he goes home, penning an answer to world hunger. All before nurse puts him to bed with his cocoa.

  5. The quality of Ritchie’s thinking is such that it would, indeed, take him no time at all to write a plan to save the world. Whether it would work, now…

  6. Fuck me backwards, it gets worse. One of his disciples asks his lord for guidance, and as he hasn’t had a chance during his busy morning to put together his financial disaster management plan, our financial guru advises:

    ‘Get in a stock of pasta, cooking oil, tinned food and something to heat it on

    I did that last time and didn’t regret it’

    I can’t wait to read the rest of his plans for saving the financial system, but I’ll be disappointed if they don’t refer to tinfoil hats, not stepping on the lines in the pavement, painting yourself in white emulsion and not eating cheese after midnight.

    Interesting to note though that a pasta and tinned food diet got him through the last crisis.

  7. Laying by some food/heat etc is not a bad idea–far wiser men than Murph see the potential for an all-round economic disaster (caused by the same shit Murph peddles) soon.

    Still not the end of the world tho’.

  8. There’s some delightful clarity from Ritchie in the comment thread-

    “But of course, the real crisis was in banking, and that was not, whatever is said, the fault of government: that was the fault of bankers. You can’t pass the buck. Nonetheless, in the States, if a culprit is to be found it is George W Bush, beyond a doubt at all.”


    “It wasn’t the fault of the government. It was the fault of the government”.

  9. Yeah, I remember the last crisis of capitalism that caused food shortages and rationing in this country.

    No, wait, it was statist ideologues over on the continent…

  10. So Much For Subtlety

    Mr Ecks – “Laying by some food/heat etc is not a bad idea–far wiser men than Murph see the potential for an all-round economic disaster (caused by the same shit Murph peddles) soon.”

    Yeah, but he is missing one vital ingredient. I only take this sort of economic advice from this guy:

    Mormons are required to stock foodstuffs. I wonder if they are encouraged to invest in shotguns too?

  11. The outline is pretty impressive, though, for a morning’s work:

    Step 1: Nationalise the banks
    Step 2: Print money
    Step 3: Print even more money (to spend on uncompetitive forms of electricity generation)
    Step 4: Privatise the banks again.

    He missed out Step 5: Profit! – but I think as far as it goes, the outline is clear enough.

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