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Shame on the military

And the demographic that is targeted is significant. The armed forces draws non-officer recruits mainly from young people with low educational attainment and living in poor communities. Research suggests schools from deprived areas are more likely to be visited by recruiters, with particular focus on the north-east of England, Scotland and Wales. Infantry recruits need only the literacy skills of a five-year-old to join. A large proportion appear to sign up for negative reasons, such a lack of civilian opportunities.

Providing careers, education, training, apprenticeships and advancement for NEETS.

Appalling, isn\’t it?

8 thoughts on “Shame on the military”

  1. Surreptitious Evil

    I fail to get the point of this one. Michael Lyons was never a child sailor – he joined up at 19 and would have had basic, trade and submarine training before taking up a complement position.

    You simply aren’t allowed to deploy into a combat zone until you are 18 – ever since the UK enacted the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

    Still, clearly better for them to rot on minimal benefits, providing research opportunities for Guardian readers than allowing them a job. We can’t have young adults making their own minds up about things can we? Not when we need to find nomenklatura jobs for lefties to make the decisions for them.

  2. “I fail to get the point of this one. Michael Lyons was never a child sailor…”

    Indeed, and so far she’s yet to come BTL to answer her critics on this point.

    it’s almost as if the p[eople at CiF will print any old rubbish, isn’t it?

  3. So, the latest scorecard for the Left:

    17, 18 yewr old males are too young to undergo training in tbe military;
    Girls barely into their teens are capable of deciding on an abortion without their parent’s knowledge.

    Army recruitment enrages the Left as it takes many of those young people who have been carefully designed to be angry and frustrated pawns in a revolution and instead instills discipline, patriotism and skills in them.

  4. @SMFS: You’ve not dealt with many squaddies, then? There is an assessment on arrivals at RMCTC Colchester which categorises literacy at (IIRC) 7-, 9- or 11- yo and above. Gave me a shock when I saw it on the file of an airman posted to me after being in there…

  5. “providing careers”?
    learn unusual skills , meet interesting people and know how to kill them!

  6. sackcloth and ashes

    ‘learn unusual skills , meet interesting people and know how to kill them!’

    Too many kids in deprived urban sink-holes are doing that already by joining gangs. So stop being fucking flippant.

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