Sir Paul Stephenson

Well, yes:

Sir Paul said that while he was resigning with his personal integrity intact

And the louder he talked of his honour the faster we counted the spoons.

6 thoughts on “Sir Paul Stephenson”

  1. if he had personal integrity he wouldn’t be needing to resign

    If I fail to exercise my responsibilities as MD properly, and as a result my subordinates get away with corruption and dishonesty, then my resignation is both appropriate and completely consistent with personal integrity.

    It’s yet not clear in Sir Paul’s case whether it’s that kind of resignation, or one where he’s a wrong ‘un (IMO having a long-established friend pay for you to convalesce somewhere nice after an operation isn’t a bad thing). We’ll find out more as the enquiry continues.

    Although as Tim notes, the fact that he’s waving his integrity around does lean one towards the ‘lack of it’ explanation.

  2. “having a long-established friend pay for you to convalesce somewhere nice after an operation isn’t a bad thing”: for you, perhaps. For a senior copper, out of the question: Caesar’s wife and all that.

  3. I assume that tehe friend was/is the owner or manager of the spa in question? So, the question of corruption would arise if and when the “friend” would have some interaction with the Met and how he was then treated. Otherwise, a senior copper could not accept a beer, much less a B’day gift of any kind, from friends or anyone for that matter. So the resignation is outwardly due to his having accpeted a gift from a friend who happened to employ a person now associated with scandal/crime, which was unknown at the time of the acceptance? ‘Way too many degrees of freedom there.

  4. No, the resignation is due to the fact that in his capacity as chief of police, Stephenson hired a phone-hacking crook as a PR adviser. Terrible judgement, in other words.

    He maintains the stay in the spa wasn’t a factor in the resignation – hence why he’s making the point about personal integrity.

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