So, mars bar ice creams

The assorted boxes of mars, snickers, bouty and twix ice creams have just hit rural Portugal.


Think I prefered putting the original choccy bars in the freezer to be honest….

5 thoughts on “So, mars bar ice creams”

  1. I have the impression that these confections
    (which I haven’t tried) are a combination of candy bar/ice cream, rather than merely the frozen candy bar.

    I first became aware of frozen candy bars in 1945 when a local sandwich shop began offering frozen Milky Way bars. Relatively soon, they became more widespread, though I know not of their actual origin.

    But the spread to candy bars of other make was rather slow. As a matter of fact, I was (in 1947) already furtively freezing an occasional Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup in the freezer section of our home refrigerator (furtively so my sister wouldn’t find it) before I ever saw the introduction of other candy bar varieties on a regular basis.

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