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The £41,000 Comment is Free article

Anthony Giddens was paid to promote Ghaddafi.

The broadcaster was among a number of influential people in the west recruited by the US based Monitor Group to help enhance the profile of Libya between 2006 and 2009 when Muammar Gaddafi was attempting to improve international relations.

In addition to Sir David Frost, documents released by the Monitor Group, reveal that Anthony Giddens, a former director of the London School of Economics (LSE), who was ennobled by Tony Blair, was also on the payroll.

Lord Giddens was paid £41,500 after making two visits to Tripoli during which he took part in a public discussion alongside an American academic, chaired by Sir David.

Anthony Giddens wrote this piece for Comment is Free.

Will real progress be possible only when Gadafy leaves the scene? I tend to think the opposite. If he is sincere in wanting change, as I think he is, he could play a role in muting conflict that might otherwise arise as modernisation takes hold. My ideal future for Libya in two or three decades\’ time would be a Norway of North Africa: prosperous, egalitarian and forward-looking. Not easy to achieve, but not impossible.

Hard hitting, fearless, reporting as I\’m sure you will agree.

£41,500 is a bit steep to pay for it though: the normal fee for CiF is £85.00.

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