The EU is not democratic

Democracy is, in the end, the ability to kick the bastards out.

If there is merit in our western system of government, it lies surely in the intense scrutiny of our leaders and the ability to turn out ineffective or blatantly venal ones after a short interval.

Yet both of these qualities are lacking at the EU level, where unelected officials wield enormous power and the elected representatives of the people are cosseted and remote.

We can\’t ergo the EU is not democratic.

4 thoughts on “The EU is not democratic”

  1. Agree with the quote, but even at national level we can’t vote the civil servants out, which is where another huge chunk of unelected and only vaguely accountable power resides.

  2. Quite, the commission is actually the only unelected part of the EU triumvirate and even that’s arguable since they are all limited-term government appointments. How many quangocrats does the UK have per elected representative in Westminster? The democratic deficit in my view stems more from the lack of ability of the directly elected bit to introduce legislation, although who wants more legislation anyway?

  3. The European Parliament is directly elected. The Commission “elected” by the European Parliament on suggestion of the Council (roughly comparable to the German Bundesrat, by representing the member states governments), a new Commission has to represent the majorities in the Parlament therefore. Furthermore does the Parliament have the power to dismiss the Commission anytime.

    If the Conservatives should loose their dominating power to the Social Democrats also the Commission President has to come from the other camp.

    There are some problems with that. The biggest one is that people are largely unaware of this connection. But to simply state in a one liner “We can’t ergo the EU is not democratic.” is wrong.

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