The Telegraph used to get these sorts of things right

The obituary of Admiral of the Fleet Sir Julian Oswald:

\"\"So why have they got him in an Admiral\’s uniform, not the uniform of an Admiral of the Fleet?

9 thoughts on “The Telegraph used to get these sorts of things right”

  1. Surreptitious Evil

    Possibly because he was promoted on retirement? Being post-Bett Report and never CDS?

  2. Is this another example of the Telegraph nicking its pictures from Wikipedia?

    It seems this one is Crown Copyright; I wonder if they got permission for commercial publication?

  3. One does have to serve as an Admiral before one can become Admiral of the Fleet so presumably Sir Jules wore an admiral’s uniform at some stage in his career. Perhaps the photo of him in the full fig was just not so pretty.

  4. The Pedant-General

    Obits are often shown with pictures of a chap at some stage in his career rather than the very last/highest rank attained.

    No big deal unless they were trying to represent that this photo is indeed of him in his capacity as Admiral of the Fleet.

  5. Do we still have a fleet to need a Admiral of? Or is it the Fleet as in Fleet River, in which case- arises in Hampstead but spends most of its time in the dark before ending in a sewer-makes it sound more a political appointment.

  6. SE,

    Admirals of the Fleet, like Field Marshals, are “for life” so it wouldn’t matter (at least I think that’s the case). Post Brett, nobody has been elevated to five star rank.

  7. Surreptitious Evil

    RM – believe it or not, I did know that. Actually, most ranks are “for life”. It is just that 5* officers don’t retire, they merely go (went) on to half-pay.

    But if he was promoted Admiral of the Fleet on retirement, then the official photographs of him as 1SL (and that looks like the Admiralty Boardroom to me, although I’ve only been in there once), will be as an Admiral.

  8. Possibly because he once committed the unpardonable solecism of describing the lavatory as ‘the toilet’ in the presence of The Queen Mother and Oliver Kamm?

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