The ultimate Guardian column ever

Wealthy, upper middle class, lefty, Eton and Cambridge, reports on what a very nasty man Rupert Murdoch is, from his holiday home in Tuscany.

To beat that we\’d need the son of a senior Conservative writing columns on how bad capitalism is, the son of the ex-head of the BBC telling us all Trotsky was right, the great-grandaughter of an Earl telling us all about how the rich should take care of the poor and, to pile absurdity upon absurdity, we\’d have to invent a fourth generation MP and third generation Cabinet Minister with an occasional column about the importance of soial mobility.

Naaah, none of those would ever get published, would they?

7 thoughts on “The ultimate Guardian column ever”

  1. Philip Scott Thomas

    …the son of a senior Conservative…
    Don’t know.

    …the son of the ex-head of the BBC…
    Don’t know.

    …the great-grandaughter of an Earl…
    Polly Toybee?

    …a fourth generation MP and third generation Cabinet Minister…
    Hilary Benn, I assume.

  2. I’m not posh enough to be the social conscience of the working class. Scholarship boy, me. Rusbridger was 1 North house, which was renowned for generating a bunch of patrician thickos (not as bad as East, mind: they really did turn out some dunces.)

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