The value of the WWF

Thought this was interesting:

WWF, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, makes about $500m a year from donations and corporate endorsements

So the World Wildlife Fund gets $500 million a year in income.

Difficult to really place an \”enterprise value\” on something which doesn\’t avowedly make profits but that sort of turnover would certainly put it in the FTSE 250, maybe even at the lower end of the FTSE 100.

No, no major point to make, it\’s just not a small organisation: it\’s big business.

1 thought on “The value of the WWF”

  1. And the UK arm is a “fakecharity” as it gets more than £1m in income from state sources. In fact it gets £5m from DfID out of the £8m from all government sources. It does receive £34m from individuals and legacies. But this still means that more than 10% of it’s income of £50m is from the government, ie. tax payers.

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